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The use of a uniform in any business environment can be a great asset for making your business look and feel more professional. From the point when customers enter your establishment they want to be able to observe style, order and cleanliness. When all employees both front of house and in the kitchen have the right look it can make a big difference to how the establishment is perceived. It is important therefore to take your time in considering what is right for you. Here are a few points to consider.

Style – Match the style to the type of establishment and clientele you are aiming to attract. For the more formal restaurant, you would be better considering polo shirts or button-down shirts for your front of house staff, with additional aprons acting as a contrast. In a more casual environment, a screen printed t-shirt would be a better option rather than a formal look. It is important that the way your staff is dressed matches the style of the establishment so think hard about what you what image you want to project.

Logo – If the business has a logo this could be ideal as a small embroidery on either a polo or formal shirt. Alternatively, a bright logo and slogan can work well on a t-shirt. However, you should consider the fact that the majority of people in any eating establishment prefer clothing that is clean and simple, after all they are there to eat, and at all costs avoid any logo or design that looks like food ideal or otherwise, as at a glance these may look like spilled food or marks on the clothing. You may find that having the name of the business embroidered may look smarter and professional, and will make the attire that little bit more unique.

Colour – Always be prepared to change your colour as various research has shown that different colours can affect people’s appetite and their mood. Red and yellow, for example, are known to stimulate the appetite and promote excitement. This is why they are so predominant in fast food restaurants and cafes. For a more formal eating establishment, this can be changed to other colours such as a deep scarlet and gold to retain the same effect. White is associated with purity and cleanliness but should really be used in moderation, as any stain or spillage will be noticeable.

Practicality – Always be aware of what operations staff have to complete in their uniform. The garments should be comfortable so that all jobs can be completed without restricting movement. There should always be a sufficient supply of extra aprons, especially for front of house staff, and for those working in the kitchen, especially if there is a more open style of restaurant where the workings of the kitchen can be observed by customers. In addition kitchen staff should be supplied with appropriate clothing for cooking, so caps, chef jackets and trousers should be de rigueur, although you can still personalize these with your logo.

So whatever your final decision here at Brookes, the home of workwear, we offer a great range of garments that can be utilised to build up your professional business image, and can offer a personalisation service too.

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