Being Prepared

Posted on 30. Mar, 2010 by in Food & Drink

Saving time and keeping costs down are key elements of a successful pub and restaurant operation in which products that can achieve both play a leading roll.

If asked, most pub and restaurant customers will say they would prefer that food served is all homemade and freshly prepared to order. However, as every operator knows, those same customers are likely to start looking at their watch and making anxious noises if their meal takes longer than 10 minutes to arrive.

For most outlets, using a combination of fresh and bought-in ingredients is the only way to deal with this conundrum.

How does your business deal with this? Any chefs or caterers out there have any tips or advice?

Should the onus be placed on the suppliers to come up with products that compliment kitchen skills and add value? Or is it the role of the chef to concentrate their attention where it delivers the most benefit?

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