Best of ‘Brit-Fish’

Posted on 13. Feb, 2009 by in Food & Drink

M&J Seafood has noticed that consumers are paying more attention to where the fish that they eat comes from and says that this realisation could be key in gaining sales.

Marketing manager James Bristow says: ‘Consumers like to know that the fish they are eating has come from sustainable sources. Displaying on your menu that the species you are using is sustainable or under-utilised shows that your establishment is responsibly resourcing seafood.”

The company sources British tilapia that is farmed in East Anglia and Cambridgeshire. This ensures M&J supports British farmers, providing a high quality fresh fish with longer shelf life, better traceability and a significantly lower carbon footprint than a commonly imported tilapia.

Available in red/orange and black, tilapia provides firm white flesh and a good alternative to white fish.

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