Breakfast – Go All Out!

Posted on 08. Apr, 2009 by in Food & Drink

As most of us know, a hearty breakfast is the key to staying slim as you are more likely to starve off hunger during the day and so will eat less.

According to the home grown cereals authority, 64% of people say they prefer to start the day with bacon, sausage and egg, proving that the full English breakfast still has a place in the nation’s hearts – and stomachs!

Premier Foods says caterers can help customers to a healthy start with Quorn sausages as part of their first cooked meal of the day. The meat free sausages can be cooked from frozen in minutes and are also a natural source of protein and fibre and are low in fat. The company claims that by switching from a traditional pork sausage to a Quorn sausage, customers could save 240 calories or the equivalent of 20 minutes on the treadmill!

2 Responses to “Breakfast – Go All Out!”

  1. jen

    17. Apr, 2009

    I think if guests actually tried Quorn sausages for example when staying at a bed and breakfast, they would really like them. There are the extra calories in normal sausages along with more saturated fat and salt too.

  2. hog roast

    11. Aug, 2009

    I fully agree with the fact that a good breakfast is in fact the healthiest way to start the day.

    The Quorn sausages could be a real aternative to the traditional sausage but to be honest i have never tried them so would be unsure.

    I suppose it is all down to taste though!

    If they taste just as good as the normal sausage the why not!

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