Weasel Poo Latte, anyone?

Posted on 28. Aug, 2009 by in New Products

Pho Café, which serves fresh, authentic street food at Westfield in London has added to its menu “Weasel Coffee” – one of the worlds rarest coffees.

Sourced directly from Vietnam, it retails at £6 a cup and Pho will be the only restaurant in the UK to sell it.

Weasel coffee is produced by a coffee farm in Vietnam. The weasels (also known as Asian palm civet cats) eat, digest and defecate* only tiny quantities of fresh coffee beans each year.

Their intestinal enzymes break down bitter proteins in the coffee beans creating a rich, unusual coffee that is one of the rarest and most expensive in the world.

* That’s defecate, not decaffeinate!

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  1. hog roast

    03. Sep, 2009

    I dread to think who had the first idea of testing the coffee!

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