Plugging the £1bn gap

Posted on 29. Jan, 2009 by in Industry News

Drink sales in UK pubs are likely to fall by a massive £1bn in 2009, and although many operators are turning to food to improve turnover, they would have to increase catering figures by 20% to fill the gap.

These statistics are estimated in a report from Horizons in highlighting the extent of the damage to the pubs caused by the long-term fall in wet sales.

The market analyst’s figures show that pub sectors sales (both wet & dry) were worth £22.5bn in 2007, with food (and associated drinks) representing around 28% of that turnover – £6.21bn.

“A more realistic figure is that UK pubs could improve turnover from meals by £400m, which still leaves a shortfall of £600m,” said Horizons managing director Peter Backman. “Food has a lower margin than drinks so pubs would have to sell more of it to make the same amount of profit.”

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