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Posted on 04. Mar, 2009 by in Industry News

Cash-strapped students need more help than ever when learning to cook. And one solution is being provided by Kitchen Academy Chefs running ‘cooking on budget’ sessions for students.

The Academy was founded by Brighton based Jethro Carr and Jonboy Coupland who realised that young college-goers were often associated with “dreadful cooking” while their gastronomic abilities generally recieved bad press.

The duo thought it was high time they stepped in to give students a chance to redeem themselves.

One of the first courses was staged at University College London Union with future plans by the duo to introduce the programme to other universities accross the UK.

In the London sessions students created a two course dinner with all the trimmings that not only came in on budget but also inspired them to carry their new found skills back in their halls of residence.

Jethro said: “These sessions may be the first time some of the students will have created a proper home-cooked dinner. Hopefully the halls will now smell of delcious homemade curries, soups and crumbles instead of favourite brands of noodle in a cup!

“Parents accross the country can rest assured that their sons and daughters are now cooking healthy tasty food which at the same time will not be breaking the balance.”

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