Unhealthy Chefs

Posted on 15. Jan, 2010 by in Industry News

Chefs have come out on top in a ranking of workers in Britain – as the unhealthiest.

Those who work in the hospitality industry eat more junk food and ready meals, smoke more cigarettes and drink more alcohol than any other profession, according to researches for Medicash, a healthcare cash plan provider.

They say that, despite working in a kitchen, the average chef has 12 snacks of crisps, chocolate bars or biscuits eat week, and at least one ready meal or takeaway. On top of that they smoke an average of 58 cigarettes per week and sup 8 alcoholic drinks.

Any chefs out there care to comment?!

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2 Responses to “Unhealthy Chefs”

  1. Angela Higson

    17. Feb, 2010

    When I was in the kitchens I used to snack all day, I found that with all the tasting I did I rarely got hungry. It did not take long though once I left to get my appetite back and pile the pounds back on. Luckily though my chef’s trousers have an expanding waste so still fit me!

  2. Catering Hertfordshire

    05. Mar, 2010

    This is article is spot on! It’s just too easy! Imagine working at Maccy D’s!

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